das gegenteil

to canvass for ütopia

20/07 | 20.00 ACUD-Theater

Journey through art genres and languages, from the comfort of shiny shelves to the darkest folds of skin and muscles. The work brings on stage butoh dance, artistic and non artistic disciplines, bodies as artworks and artworks as bodies. A reflection of the present for the future darkness to come.


The 4 hours workshop invites participants to encounter the space where fine art and performative arts overlap and question borders between art genres and disciplines, the own body as tool and tools as objects.

The performative presence in space and time – motivation, purpose.

Аlienate – objectify yourself as a tool.

The non – ordinary use of the object and of the object using you.

We are all on the same canvas – the strings.


Valentin Tszin

Valentin is a Russian artist based in Berlin, DE. A pioneer in bringing rave culture, digital art, butoh (anti)dance and physical theatre together. Dozens of performances and movie appearances, European festivals (Atonal Berlin, CTM, Today’s Art, Athens Biennial) and fashion collaborations (Zaha Hadid, Trippen, Obscur);

as well as collaborative performances and workshops with the key figures of the international butoh scene (Ko Murobushi, Carlotta Ikeda, Dairakudakan company etc.) made him a recognisable figure on contemporary art scene. Known for his passion for going beyond the stylistic and conceptual frameworks, he sees butoh as a kind of virus: mutating, changing its gene, striving on new territories yet to be discovered.

Carmen Lafran

Carmen Lafran is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary performance artist, butoh dancer, choreographer, movement researcher and yoga instructor. Since her graduation in philosophy her main topic of investigation has been the relationship between philosophical discourse and the body as indefinable force, irreducible to the logos. Lafran’s fields of work span from performative acts and butoh dance-theatre to voice, poetry and installations. During the last years she has been creating her own works, featured among others at Venice International Performance Art Week, Project ID The Hague, Istanbul Performance Art and Carbon Residency Kiev.


Rafael Hofmann and Noah Oskar Nasira

Rafael Hofmann. He’s a genius. For example: he tries to connect pencils and brushes, and trees and brushes with people, thoughts of love and hot air, buildings with stairs and fine farts.

Noah Oskar Nasir. he likes to stick his nose in a different rabbit hole. Afterwards, he uses some soap to clean the reat of the dope from his nose holes. He is also broke and is always very happy to make a joke. He paints because painting eats photography whole. He waits alone for the extreme to infiltrate his brain, showing the loose screw that still holds. With every drop of blue he gets more and more insane and new, to find out he is always the one to blame. It’s the only order he is under, to paint. ‘Don’t lose time, but paint, you fool’. By the guitar she waits with her figure, so as to play a game of blues. Only one… ‘But you know, my beauty, then I have to paint some truth…’ Currently studying at the Academy of fine farts in Vienna.

Daniel Williams
Sasha Andjelo

light & sound

Daniel Williams, Dresden-based Scottish composer, specialises in score and sound-design for dance and theatre.  Daniel developed his distinctive “embodied” approach to sound art. After demonstrating it in award-winning production “Ketzal” in 2007, Daniel went further into using contemporary technologies to create a real-time interaction, which some describe as taking the sound straight out of the performer’s body.

Sasha Andjelo, a devoted connoisseur of the sound of retro synthesizers with a classical Russian education in the violin class. Frontman of post-punk/synthwave band “модель поведения”(model of behevior). As part of the show, it explores the possibilities for going beyond song architecture, replacing literature with other forms of emotional influence.

to canvass for ütopia

20/07 | 20.00

Veteranenstraße 21